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Over the past 20 years our orchid team has been responsible for the introduction of over 100 new and undiscovered orchid species. Please dive in to learn more about Gypsy Glen Orchids. We would like to share our experience, knowledge and love of orchids with you. Thanks for visiting Gypsy Glen Orchids.
After growing orchids professionally for over 10 years, Gypsy Glen Orchids was established in 1991. My name is Dennis D'Alessandro and I along with my wife, Maria and a number of friends, family, and other orchid growers have worked hard to make Gypsy Glen Orchids a reputable orchid venture, which until recently was primarily a wholesale business.
     In 1977 I moved to Ecuador, South America where I was curator of a small botanical garden which housed over 400 native Ecuadorean orchid species. We worked in conjunction with the Marie Selby Botanic Gardens and the Missouri Botanical Garden to help collect and catalog the orchid species of southern Ecuador, which was -- and still is -- one of the least known orchid regions in the world. Since beginning this project we have been responsible for the discovery of over 100 new orchid species, of which a number have been named to honor their discoverer such as Masdevallia dalessandroi, Dracula dalessandroi, Masdevallia mendozae, Phragmipedium besseae var. dalessandroi and many others. We now operate a nursery in Ecuador from which we import plants and we also travel frequently to Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Europe, where we buy selected species cultivated in the many nurseries we have visited. At present we are planning this site as an online source of a wide variety of some of the rarest and most interesting orchid species available at the lowest prices. For the moment we hope you enjoy our site, and please remember, any suggestions and comments are wholeheartedly welcome.
We have 3 interesting slide programs which we offer and would enjoy presenting any of them to your orchid society. THE ORCHIDS OF ECUADOR AND BOLIVIA, THE ORCHIDS OF BORNEO and THE NEW PAHIOPEDILUMS OF VIETNAM are all informative, interesting and entertaining. Please call or e-mail us for more information. Thanks for your interest.
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