Gypsy Glen Orchids Tee Shirts
So maybe we can't grow some of these yet, but at least we can wear them. And they are beautiful. Designed by Carlos, the same Ecuadoran artist who designed our logo, we will be stocking these comfortable teeshirts in the near future at US$29.95 plus shipping. Available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. We can have tee shirts made for any species you need, your artwork or commissioned from Carlos. Please contact us now for ordering information in any quantity.

Dennis D'Alessandro
1275 Gypsy Glen Road
Beaver, Pennsylvania 15009

FAX 724.775.6122

Phrag. dalessandroi tee shirt
Phragmidpedium dalessandroi
Paph. hangianum tee shirt
Paphiopedilum hangianum
Phrag. kovachii tee shirt
Phragmidpedium kovachii
Paph. vietnamense tee shirt
Paphiopedilum vietnamense
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